Bucks County Wineries to Explore and Enjoy

Bucks County is one of the prettiest areas around Philadelphia. But this area is also one of the best wine producing regions on the East Coast. Why not spend the day exploring the Bucks County wineries and sipping your way through some of the beautiful scenery?

Many of the winemakers at the Bucks County vineyards have long pedigrees and award-winning resumes. While the region was known for fruit wine and hearty varietals, the wineries in Bucks County are now producing many unique wines and even more delicate varietals.

There are 10 wineries in Bucks County with more being build all the time. Six of the best-known vineyards have banded together to create the Bucks County Wine Trail. This non-profit organization was established in 2004 to promote wine production in the county. First-time visitors to the Bucks County wineries might consider focusing on the wine trail vineyards: Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery, Buckingham Valley Vineyards, Crossing Vineyards, and Winery, Rose Bank Winery, Rushland Ridge Vineyard & Winery, and Sand Castle Winery.  After you’ve visited them, you can explore the others.

There’s a lot of great activities in Bucks County, but exploring the wineries should be near the top of your list. Here are the wineries in the county:

Buckingham Valley Vineyards

Bottle of wine and glass on bar in front of wine rack
Buckingham Valley has broad range of wines, including whites and reds

Located about twenty miles from Philadelphia, the beautiful Buckingham Valley Vineyards & Winery was the first winery to open within Bucks County, all the way back in 1966. Today, Buckingham Valley continues to thrive and remains the largest vineyard in Pennsylvania.

At Buckingham Valley you will find a variety of Bucks County wine to enjoy including reds, roses, whites, fruit, sweet, dry, and even naturally fermented sparkling wine (something they exclusively produce in Bucks County).

The vineyard is beautiful and picturesque. Within the grounds, visitors can take a self-guided tour, which ends in a wine tasting. There is also a large lawn where you can have a picnic, and during the weekends, guests can also enjoy some live music. Visitors can purchase wines to take home, which are sold by the bottle, glass, and case.

Crossing Vineyards and Winery

Exterior of Crossing Vineyards and Winery
Crossing Vineyards has a beautiful property and location

Located on an estate built over 200 years ago, this solar-powered vineyard is one of the finest of the Bucks County wineries. Crossing Vineyards and Winery was established in 2000 by the Carroll Family and has since remained one of the best in the region consecutively bagging multiple awards including the Best of Bucks Award, Best of Bucks Mont as well as commendations by popular travel review sites.

Known for its European-style wines, including some sophisticated reds. While here, guests can enjoy some of the award-winning wine and engage in fun events such as a tour of the historic grounds, concerts, winemakers’ dinners. The winery also has several charming settings including the comfy Barrel Room, the remarkable Vineyard Room, and the serene Jonathan’s Garden all available for private bookings.

You can enjoy their wines just south of New Hope on the River Road, or you can also enjoy them in downtown New Hope at the Main Street Wine Cellar.

Rose Bank Winery

Exterior of Rose Bank Winery
Rose Bank has a beautiful building

In the heart of Bucks County, you’ll find the historic Rose Bank Winery. Located on land which was originally owned by William Penn and later given to his daughters, this winery is home to a stone manor house built in 1719, a barn established in 1835, a carriage house built in 1720, and a number of historic outbuildings.

Rose Bank Winery produces different types of wines ranging from whites, reds, fruits, and even specially made wines like the Cappavino, and the Chocolate Orange Port. The picture-perfect location and completely gorgeous are open to visitors to hold private events, as well as partake in wine tastings, tours, fun games, and more.

Rushland Ridge Vineyards

Bottles of Rushland Ridge wine
Rushland Ridge has a range of wines

Home to affordable and locally grown table wines, Rushland Ridge is beautifully situated on a ridge above the Neshaminy Creek. This 22-acre vineyard was bought by Ed and Lisa Ullman in 1986 and they began growing vines in that same year. On an acre of farmland, they planted Native American and French-American hybrid wine grapes.

A few years later they expanded and opened their very own Pennsylvania limited winery. They now have about six acres of vineyards with their most recent addition in 2008. The family prides themselves as “winegrowers” which is evident in the success of Rushland Ridge Vineyards. They specialize in Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Traminette wine varietals.

Sand Castle Winery

Exterior of Sand Castle Winery in Bucks County
Sand Castle brings the castle

Founded in 1974, this winery is one of the first of its kind on the East Coast, combining American and European culture to make exotic wine. It is one of the very few locations where bolds reds and delicate whites can be grown with equal success. Four European vinifera grapes are grown here on about 70 acres with a scenic view overlooking the lower Delaware River, a National Park Service designated wild and scenic river in Pennsylvania. The wine here is produced purely from estate-grown grapes.

Visitors at Sand Castle Winery are sure to gain an education and appreciation of the winemaking process. Some of the facilities at Sand Castle include a Garden Terrace, a Grand Hall, an expansive tasting room, and a 7,000 square foot wine cellar. Guests can enjoy wine tasting and tours daily, as well as hold private events within the vineyard.

Wycombe Vineyards

Wycombe Vineyards Pinot Grigio bottle and glass on table
Wycombe specializes in unique and sweet wines

Wycombe has origins dating all the way back to the 1920s. Home to the Fraser family for almost a century, Wycombe Vineyards actually began as a hog and crop farm as the primary family business. Over the years, the family dabbled with different crops and even grew sod. Eventually, acres of Wycombe farmland were converted to grow French-hybrid as well as Classic Vinifera wine grapes.

The family has sixty-five acres of farmland, but only about ten acres of the land are used for the vineyard. The family only produces a small amount of wine each year. Visitors can enjoy a number of wines during a tasting, including many seasonal sweet wines.

The Pour House at New Hope Winery

Outdoor patio space
The outdoor patio at the Pour House at New Hope Winery

The facilities at the New Hope Winery were established in the 18th Century as a hay barn after which it served as a museum, and then an antique shop and then eventually becoming home to two wineries. The winery began with producing sweet wines in a small quantity, and as of today produces twenty-five distinct varietals. New Hope is home to several local wines unique to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

These days, the wines from New Hope Winery are served in their restaurant, “The Pour House,” or in their 250-seat event center called, “The Note.” While there isn’t a vineyard here, it still remains a popular option, particularly for events and The Note is a popular venue for live music.

Vivat Alfa Winery

Picnic tables under umbrellas at a vineyard
Vivat Alfa has a nice patio to relax and enjoy a glass

This family-owned winery is situated in a barn built before the Civil War and formerly called “Alpha and Omega.” The Vivat Alfa family opened the winery just outside of Doylestown in 2013 and has since remained makers of some of the finest wine on the East Coast.

The wines here are specially crafted with European tradition and are known to possess an untainted and authentic character unique to the area. Most of the wine here is predominantly dry with just a few sweets, the owners describe their wine as “Nothing added, nothing subtracted; this is our fine wine”. Visitors can engage in wine tasting activities at the bar or outside.

Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery

With about 20 wine varietals available, Bishop Estate offers guests a diverse range of options to choose from depending on your palette. Guests can enjoy some Cabernet Sauvignon aged in whiskey barrels or some fermented Niagara grape wine with cranberry juice.

This magnificent winery officially opened in Perkasie in the year 2017 and has an interesting history dating back to the 1800s. The family-run estate has been in the Bishop family for over 100 years with the owner even being raised on the farm. Initially functioning as a dairy farm, the Bishop family eventually decided to turn their hobby for winemaking into an official business, the vineyard has been very successful ever since.

Today, guests can enjoy a stroll around this grand estate rich with history. Other activities include wine tasting, tours, and hosting private events.

Desiato in the Woods

The Desiato family winery in Pipersville is the newest to open in the Bucks County area. Being producers of Italian wine for over 100 years, the family is no stranger to the art of winemaking with each bottle hand filled and corked to maintain the countryside essence of Bucks County wineries.

The Desiatos have also owned and run their restaurant “Mamma D’s Cucina Italian” for some years and have now launched this winery in a different location. Desiato in the Woods can be found in the Tinicum Township hills and visitors can taste the distinct family wine while enjoying the scenery of the woods. With an appointment, private tastings, as well as events, can also be arranged.

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