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Cherry blossoms are a highlight of spring in Philadelphia. The parks, gardens, and city streets are lined with fluffy pink and white blooms. Across the city, thousands of trees wake up for the season, beckoning locals and visitors to get outside. From Fairmount Park to Columbus Boulevard and beyond, there are lots of pretty places to see cherry blossoms in Philadelphia. Skip the crowds in Washington, DC, and see what we have to offer.

Peak cherry blossom season typically lasts about 2 weeks, though the timing varies based on weather. For 2024, peak bloom is forecast to be between March 30 and April 2. The Shofuso Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia happens toward the end of the blooming on April 13 and 14. Festival visitors can expect taiko performances, lots of music and dance, and a vendor fair.

Overhead view of blooming cherry trees beside the Schuylkill River
Kelly Drive at peak bloom

The abundance of cherry blossoms in the city is thanks to the Japanese government. In 1926, they gave Philadelphia 1600 cherry trees in celebration of the 150th anniversary of American independence. Since then, over 1000 more trees were added by the Japan American Society of Greater Philadelphia, accounting for the bounty of Sakura around the city.

Over the last several years, we’ve scouted out the city’s prettiest spots. Here’s where to go for some of the best cherry blossom viewing.

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Tree with pink blossoms beside a white wall.
An early bloomer at Shofuso

One of the best places to see cherry blossoms is Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. This sanctuary in Fairmount Park includes a peaceful garden, koi pond, and a house modeled after an early 17th-century temple guest house.

The property is filled with bright blossoms, and its 75-year-old weeping cherry tree is a star attraction. Shofuso opens for the season on March 20, 2024, and timed tickets are required for entry. It can get very busy as the trees begin to peak, but you can see some of the gardens from outside the wall on Horticultural Drive.

Fairmount Park Horticulture Center

Concrete figures on a sundial with blooming cherry trees in the background.
Trees by Calder’s sundial

To see the blossoms for free, head to the grounds of Fairmount Park Horticulture Center close to Shofuso. The beautiful trees here include some of the original 1926 plantings.

You’ll find two parallel rows of cherry trees, including two large weeping cherry trees. The gazebo and Alexander Stirling Calder’s sundial make for nice settings for photos.

West Fairmount Park

Stone gazebo in the middle of a park with rows of trees with pink blooms on each side.
The stone gazebo in West Fairmount Park

One of our favorite viewing spots is in West Fairmount Park just off Avenue of the Republic and States Drive. That’s where you’ll find the stone gazebo flanked by rows of pink blossoms. We were lucky to visit just before peak bloom, and it was stunning.

Belmont Plateau

Belmont Plateau is known for its views of the Philadelphia skyline and being a prime spot for fall colors. But it’s also gorgeous in March and April for cherry blossom season when the group of trees along Belmont Mansion Drive is at its finest. Put together a picnic and bask under the warm(er) sun while enjoying the view.

Kelly Drive

Cherry trees in full bloom with white blossoms next to a running trail.
Some of the many trees along Kelly Drive

Kelly Drive about one-half mile north of Boathouse Row is another great spot to take in the colors of spring. Along with river views on the Schuylkill River Trail, you can see cherry trees from a 1933 planting near the point where Girard Bridge crosses over Kelly Drive.

Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

One of the longest stretches of cherry trees is along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on the west side of the Schuylkill River. The 2-mile area that runs from Falls Bridge in the north to Montgomery Drive in the south is full of lots of pink and white blossoms.

Philadelphia Museum of Art and Water Works

Branches full of pink blossoms framing a building with large columns in the background.
Trees in bloom at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The combination of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Water Works is one of the most iconic views in Philadelphia. And, in the spring, it’s given pops of pink by the cherry trees that dot the area near the Azalea Garden, the Fountain of Sea Horses, and the west side of the museum.

North 21st Street

Canopy of blooming trees over a street lined with parked cars.
The lush trees of North 21st Street

For a little extra treat after peak bloom head to Fairmount. Immediately north of Eastern State Penitentiary you’ll find one of the most Instagrammed streets in the city this time of year.

The quirky thing about the 800 block of North 21st Street is that it reliably blooms just a little bit later than most of the other cherry trees. One to two weeks after peak bloom as other areas are past their prime, you’ll find this beautiful canopy going strong.

Drexel Park

A beloved community park in West Philadelphia, Drexel Park offers a great skyline view of downtown across the Amtrak railyard. For a few weeks each spring, the pink and white blossoms that line its paths make one of the city’s prettiest vistas that much more attractive.

Columbus Boulevard

Trolley tracks surrounded by a canopy of white cherry blossoms.
White cherry blossoms over the Columbus Boulevard trolley tracks

On the eastern side of the city near the Delaware River waterfront, you’ll find lots of cherry blossoms in an unexpected spot—right in the middle of the street on Columbus Boulevard.

Near Cherry Street Pier (appropriately enough) there are several strips of cherry trees on both sides of the trolley tracks. Take an afternoon to visit the piers and the waterfront attractions and enjoy the trees along the way.

Center City parks and streets

White cherry blossom trees in a park surrounded by tall buildings
Cherry trees blooming in Washington Square

From Graduate Hospital to Rittenhouse Square and Washington Square West, the parks and streets of downtown are dotted with lots of lush trees. Take a walk along Manning Street, stroll down Panama Street, or wander along any of the other dozens of options where you’ll find cherry blossoms in the heart of the city.

University of Pennsylvania

Two blooming trees in front of a large building with red window frames.
One of many kinds of cherry trees at Penn

The campus of the University of Pennsylvania–an accredited arboretum–is a great place to find cherry trees in University City. In fact, there are about 150 cherry trees among the colorful trees that bloom on the grounds in spring.

Dozens of types of cherry trees contribute different colored blooms, particularly in the area of Claudia Cohen Hall, College Hall, and Perelman Quadrangle. Many of them are labeled, so you can learn the difference between an Okame and a Yoshino, if you’re curious.

Morris Arboretum

Line of cherry trees with pink blossoms
Pink cherry blossoms in the arboretum’s English Park

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill. Among all the flowers and trees across the arboretum’s 92 acres, there are lots of types of flowering cherry trees. Visit the English Park section and the Butcher Sculpture Garden for impressive displays.

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is renowned for its year-round displays, but spring is a particularly gorgeous time in the gardens. Visit the Oak and Conifer Knoll and the area by the Large Lake to see the cherry blossoms.

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