The Best Skiing Near Philadelphia This Winter

There are so many reasons to welcome winter, from the flavors of the season to snuggling up on a cold winter night. But one of the best reasons to welcome the winter is a chance to hit the slopes skiing or snowboarding. Here is where to find the best skiing near Philadelphia.

While some people love the festive season as it gives them opportunities to party hard and meet their friends on the slopes. Others love the athleticism and the adrenaline of going fast and challenging themselves. Whatever kind of person you are, you can find it in the ski resorts near Philadelphia. As a bonus, many of these resorts also offer snow tubing too.

If you are looking for the best ski resorts near Philadelphia, you are at the right place. You may find the task of choosing a resort daunting, so we have categorized them according to the distance from the city. This would help you to plan your trips and enjoy best skiing in Pennsylvania.

A lone skier on a slope
A highlight of the winter: hitting the slopes!

Less Than 1 Hour

There’s only one resort under an hour from the Philly:

Spring Mountain Adventures

Ski lift and barren ground beneath
Hitch a lift back up to the top and go again!

The closest skiing to Philadelphia would be Spring Mountain Adventures, located in Spring Mount, near Schwenksville in Montgomery County.

This place is just 35.5 miles away from the city. As the name suggests, it is a place for complete family fun with lots of adventure sports including, skiing. During winters, adventure seekers throng this site for skiing and snowboarding. It has eight slopes for beginners and four lifts for pros. You can take lessons on skiing here and also rent your equipment.

Spring Mountain is the ideal place to begin learning to ski if you are apprehensive. If you find skiing isn’t your thing, there are other types of winter sports here too.

1-2 Hours

A little farther from the city, here are the resorts you can visit within two hours from Philadelphia.

Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Top of a chairlift for skiers
Keep those tips up when you come off the chairlift

This mind-blowing spot is located in Macungie and is just 58 miles away from Philly. Bear Creek Mountain Resort is one of the best ski resorts near Philadelphia.

Spread over 86 acres of slopes, terrain parks, and trails, it offers excellent slopes for both novices and experts. Almost 70% of the trails are suitable for beginners or intermediates. The beginners’ area has a carpet lift and triple chair, while the slope of Sasquatch presents challenges that are ideal for the adrenaline-rushing thrill you desire to experience. Skiing on the black diamond trail would be a life-changing experience.

Your entire family can have a fantastic time at the resort, enjoying the crisp breeze and the surrounding views. With different recreational activities, your stay here would be a memorable one.

Blue Mountain Resort

Mountain lovers find Blue Mountain Resort enthralling. Located in Palmerton, it is just 78 miles from Philadelphia.

It has 40 ski trails, five terrain parks, 34 tubing lanes, and 16 lifts spread over 164 acres. With so much variety in skiing, naturally, it is a local favorite. The longest run that you can try is 6400 feet – over a mile long. Since the area receives heavy snowfall, they can have a longer season which allows both beginners and experts get a lot of practice here.

Try skiing at night, under the starlit sky, for some out-of-the-world skiing experience. Night skiing is definitely a unique experience.

It also offers the highest vertical drop of any ski resort in Pennsylvania: 1082 feet. People of all ability levels flock to Blue Mountain for the best skiing in Pennsylvania. The eastern side has comparatively easy trails that are ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Camelback Mountain Resort

A young girl learning to ski in Pennsylvania
A skier learning at Camelback (Alex Potemkin/Getty Images Signature)

This is another gem that you should not miss. Located in Tannersville, this resort is 104.5 miles away from Philadelphia.

Are you longing for fresh mountain air? Head to Camelback Mountain Resort for its thrilling trails and lifts. The best skiing in Pennsylvania awaits for you here.

It is located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains and offers incredible views and skiing options. It boasts of 35 trails along with 16 lifts, two terrain parks, and two high-speed quads. You can ski at night on all trails.

The resort is spread over 166 acres with 800 feet vertical drop. The trails are mostly for beginners and intermediate skiers and hence ideal for family outings. Nine Mile is the longest run that is exactly one mile long.

You can experiment with your skiing ability here on different trails. The resort has indoor activities that are favorites with kids. Sip on hot cocoa while watching the night sky lit by stars.

Jack Frost

Sign for ski trails at resort
The trail signs at Jack Frost

Often small places hide big surprises. Jack Frost is just such an example. Located in White Haven, it is just 99.2 miles from Philly.

Jack Frost is one of the best ski resorts close to Philadelphia for beginners with its 20 trails and a vertical drop of 600 feet. There are two terrain parks and 12 lifts. The longest run is 2800 feet.

Whether you are a first-time skier or a veteran, you’ll enjoy Jack Forest. This resort is ideal for day trips and also for beginners. It offers an efficient rental process and skiing lessons. Visit Jack Frost to get your daily dose of adventure.

Big Boulder

Ski resort illuminated for night skiing
Night skiing at Big Boulder

Just 99.2 miles from Philadelphia and situated in White Haven, this ski resort is known as the big brother of Jack Frost. There is a single lift ticket for Jack Frost and Big Boulder.

Big Boulder is a paradise nestled in the cozy Pocono Mountains. It was also the first commercial ski resort in Pennsylvania. It has 16 slopes and trails that are perfect for practicing your skiing skills. It has a vertical drop of 475 feet and the longest run is 2900 feet. The altitude and cool temperatures ensures that Jack Frost and Big Boulder have snow for an elongated period, much to the enjoyment of the visitors.

It has a good combination of easy, medium, and hard trails, and hence is terrific for all levels of skiers. You can take part in ski school and get hands on training to hone your skills.

Eagle Rock Resort

Snow on the mountains in Pennsylvania
The beautiful mountains around Eagle Rock (LawrenceSawyer/Getty Images)

Is your heart craving mountain views and the cold breeze on your face? Do you yearn to whizz through steep slopes? Come to Eagle Rock, a small but popular resort located in Hazle Township. Located 104 miles away from Philly, it would take you a 2-hour drive to reach this scenic private resort.

There are 14 trails here with varying slopes for all levels of skiers. There is night skiing, along with a gear shop and instructors to help you hone your skills. With other outdoor activities and winter sports, Eagle Rock Resort can help you to enjoy an adventurous holiday. Being less crowded, it is ideal for family gateways.

Shawnee Mountain Resort and Ski Area

Kids learning how to ski
Ski school is in session!

Shawnee Mountain is one of the best ski resorts close to Philadelphia. It is situated in East Stroudsburg about 108 miles from Philly.

This family-friendly ski resort has some great packages for kids and beginners. It has 23 trails with a 700-foot vertical drop, and the longest run is 5100 feet. It is located in the Pocono Mountains and offers scenic beauty for your après-ski festivities.

The trails are a mix of easy, medium, and tougher to test your ability. You can try both day and night skiing.

First-time beginners can take ski lessons here. While possible as a day trip, this also makes a great weekend getaway.

Ski Roundtop Mountain Resort

Ski trail lined with trees

Ski Roundtop Resort is located near Lewisberry, about 118 miles from the city and is your ticket to skiing near Philadelphia.

This family resort has been a favorite of skiers for many years. With 19 slopes, 8 lifts, and terrains for all ability levels, Roundtop is a must-visit in Pennsylvania. It has two terrain parks for freestyle skiing. Like other ski resorts in Pennsylvania, you can ski at night here. Visit this resort as a day outing or stay there for a weekend to enjoy the views and participate in winter activities.

It has a vertical drop of 600 feet and the top elevation is 1335 feet. Although mid-sized, Ski Roundtop offers all the excitement you seek in a ski resort.

Montage Mountain Resorts

Are you ready with your winter gear? Montage Mountain Resorts are calling you for a fun-filled holiday of skiing or snowboarding. This amazing resort is in Scranton, 123 miles away from Philly.

It covers around 140 acres, with 27 trails, a vertical drop of 1000 feet, gorgeous views, and night skiing. It has the second steepest slope on the East Coast and is one of the most famous ski resorts close to Philadelphia.

Many consider this as the best place for skiing in Pennsylvania because the resort has more medium and challenging trails to give you that adrenaline rush you crave. The black diamond and double black diamond trails here attract skiers from all over the East Coast. Being close to Philly, you can easily visit this resort for snowboarding and skiing.

2-3 hours from Philadelphia –

These spots are a little farther from the city. While 2-3 hours away is still possible as a day trip, these places are among the best ski resorts near Philadelphia for a weekend getaway.

Mountain Creek Resort

Skies along a wall as decoration

Mountain Creek is located in Vernon Township and is the largest ski resort in New Jersey. Despite being on the other side of the river, it is still only 131 miles from Philly.

The resort has 160 acres of skiable terrain that includes 46 trails, eight lifts, four peaks, and 1480 feet of vertical drop. The trails are for everyone, from beginners to experts, and hence why many people consider it to be the best place to ski near Philadelphia. It is a peaceful spot where you can spend your weekends practicing your carves and trying new trails.

You can polish your freestyle skills or go skiing at night to feel the icy cold breeze whoosh past your face. With tubing and other activities, there’s a lot to make your getaway complete.

Elk Mountain Resort

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Set in a serene countryside, Elk Mountain Resort is situated in Union Dale. It is 151 miles from Philly and has trails for all levels.

The beauty of Endless Mountains Region contributes to the appeal of this resort. It is spread over 180 acres of skiable land that holds 27 trails. There are eight lifts with a summit of 2696 feet. It is one of the premier destinations in the region which attracts skiers with different skills and experience levels.

With 1000 feet vertical and steep slopes, Elk Mountain challenges skiers in new ways. Night skiing is available which makes it popular with families.

It is possible to drive to Elk Mountain for the day or stay for a weekend. The resort offers instruction for beginners. The restaurant and cafeteria are also surprisingly good.

Liberty Mountain Resort

Come to Liberty Mountain for a fantastic skiing vacation. Located in Fairfield, the resort is about 155 miles from Philadelphia. It is popular for its views, trails, and amenities.

With multiple trails for all levels of ability and a ski school, this is the right place to begin skiing or improve your skills. It is a small resort but compact with 91 acres of area. Snowtubing facilities are available, and you can ski at night also.

It is easily accessible from Philadelphia, so you can drive up for a day trip or stay in its beautiful lodge to enjoy the mountain air. Ski on different trails, test your stamina and skill and have loads of fun.

Ski Big Bear at Masthope Mountain

Snow halfpipe
Hit the half pipe (brandonhirtphoto/Getty Images Pro)

Here is a ski resort that is for everyone. Ski Big Bear is in Lackawaxen and is a distance of 151 miles from Philadelphia.

The resort has 18 trails, 5 lifts, and snowboarding facilities. The trails are a mix of easy, medium, and highly challenging so that everybody in your family can find something they will enjoy. The vertical drop is 650 feet and the longest run is a stunning 7920 feet.

Snowbird is for the young enthusiast before they graduate to Eagles Pass. If you are looking for carving turns, try Grizzly and Upper Polar Bear Trail. This charming resort would win your heart easily with its quaint beauty. Or, practice hits, jibs, boxes, and ramps in the Terrain Park.

Are you ready to hit the mountains and check out the Philadelphia skiing scene? What is your favorite place to go skiing near Philadelphia?

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